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Attijariwafa Bank Collection, Morocco
Najia Mehadji. Born in Paris, 1950. Végétal. Graphite, 120x80 cm, 2000 Floral, Sanguine, 120x80 cm, 2003 Végétal. Graphite, 120x80 cm, 2000 Temporary exhibition view, 2006
Mohamed Abouelouakar. Born 1946. Oil on canvas. 101,5 x 131 cm, ND, Attijariwafa bank collection
Chaïbia Tallal, 1929-2004. Les deux cyclistes. Oil on canvas, 113,5 x 144 cm, 1977. Attijariwafa bank collection.
Jilali Gharbaoui, 1930 -1971. Gouache on canvas, 46,5 x 64 cm, 1963. Attijariwafa bank collection.
Mohamed Melehi, born 1936. Cellulose lacquer on wood, 80x90 cm, 1996. Attijariwafa bank collection

About the collection

Exhibition public space:


Morocco /  Casablanca


Launch year:

Number of artworks:

Artistic domain:

Paintings, photography, video, sculptures.

The collection of the Attijariwafa Bank Group is the result of the merger of the Art Collections of the former BCM and the former Wafabank after the merger of the two banks. They both emerged in the mid '70s under the passioned impulse of the past presidents.

The Attijariwafa bank collection is a panorama of the pictorial creation of Morocco from the beginning of the 20th century to the 2000s, with historical depth, diversity of trends and generations. It comprises works by major artists and is focused on Abstract Expressionism from the 1950s and abstract painters from the 1970s-1990s. Moroccan artists constitute the majority of the collection but there are also Orientalist paintings by French artists. Since the bank’s development in Africa, works by emerging artists from the African continent and diaspora, who have been discovered during the Dakar Biennale, have been acquired. 

There are nearly 2,000 paintings and multiples by artists including internationally renowned artists such as Farid Belkahia,  Ahmed Cherkaoui, Jilali Gharbaoui, Mohamed Chebâa, Mohamed Melehi and Chaïbia Tallal, and contemporary artists such as Amina Benbouchta, Meryem El Alj, Hicham Benohoud, Michèle Magema and Saïdou Dicko.

The collection stands out by monumental pieces made by artists like Farid Belkahia Hassan El Glaoui, Rabi.

Attijariwafa bank plans to continue its support of contemporary artists through our annual exhibitions, commissions and productions.






Status of collection:

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

- Artist Farid Belkahia (1934 - 2014), a monumental ensemble on lamb skin, commissioned in 1981 for the a meeting room in the headquarters in Casablanca

- Artist Abdelkébir Rabi (1944 - ), 210 x 440 cm oil on canvas painting commissioned offices area during the renovation of the head offices areas in 2007 in Casablanca

- Artist Mehdi Qotbi (around 1958 - ), a 180 x 350 cm painted work, commissioned in 2007 after the renovation of the head offices areas in Casablanca





Processing for 2017.


Catalogs by the collection

Attijariwafa Bank , Morocco

Launch year:
1904 for Banque Commerciale du Maroc and 1911 for Compagnie Algérienne de Crédit et de Banque. The present name was established un 2003 after the merger of the two companies.

International presence:
25 countries

Profile of the company:
8,4 million clients
3972 banking agencies

Countries : Morocco, Tunisia, Sénégal, Burkina-Faso, Guinée Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Congo, Gabon, Cameroun, Togo, Niger, Belgium, France, Germany, The Nederlands, Italy, Spain.

Comercial reprensentations : Dubaï, Riyadh, London, Shanghaï, Tripoli.

Last merger : Barclay Egypt who has become Attijariwafa bank Egypt.


Annual revenue: MAD

Number of employees:
17 696 employees