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ING Group Collection, The Netherlands
Art in the Office. Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) Maria Mathilda Bingham, 1810-1818). ©Marijn Scheeres
Art in the Office. Jaroslaw Modzelewski (1955), Laweczk, 2000. ©Marijn Scheeres
Art in the Office. Diego Rivera (1886-1957) Retrato de la senora Beteta. ©Marijn Scheeres
Art in the Office. Dick Pieters (1941), Zwemmers, 1993, ©Marijn Scheeres
Art in the Office. Koosje van Keullen (1940) Letje en pisanello, 2003. ©Marijn Scheeres

About the collection

Exhibition public space:

ING Cultural Centre
Mont des Arts/Place Royale 6,
B-1000 Brussels

Open: only when there is an exhibition
Open daily, from 10h – 18h
Late night opening until 21h on Wednesdays
Entry fee: Adult 8 € (at the desk); 6 € (online)


Launch year:

Number of artworks:
10 000

Artistic domain:

ING Group’s collecting policy focuses on contemporary art by young and established artists; the aim is to create as much cohesion as possible among the individual artists and groups of artists from different countries. With an eye for authentic talent the collection is expanded. The artworks aim to reflect on the world and function as a thermometer of today's society of which we are part of.


The history of the ING Collection began in 1974 with the opening of a new head office for NMB (the Dutch bank for SMEs) in Amsterdam. In 1998, ING merged with Bank Brussel Lambert (BBL); and the acquisition of Barings Bank in 1995 and a majority stake in ING Bank Slaski in 2001 led to the addition of other important international collections.

Status of collection:

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

ING regularly commissions artists for specific projects:

Street artists Jeroen Erosie en Boris Tellegen received a commission for ING NL's head office, to create a monumental mural where the outside world is brought inside.   

During the past year, photographers Jaap Scheeren (1979) and Ine Lamers (1954) were commissioned to give their own intriguing take on the landscape of the Netherlands. Their photographs now provide a window on the world outside at some 150 branches in the Netherlands.

For our Private Banking offices ING commissioned several talents in the field of photography to create a series of new work within a socially relevant theme: Elspeth Diederix, Krista van der Niet and Natascha Libbert.


ING Unseen Talent Award

The ING Unseen Talent Award is a joint initiative by ING and Unseen that gives photography talent a platform to present their work on a global scale. 2015 saw the launch of the Benelux edition, the first step towards developing the award internationally.

One of the main aims of the ING Unseen Talent Award is to give talented new artists in the field of photography public exposure and to support them at the beginning of their career. The sharing of knowledge and expertise forms an important part of this award. The finalists take part in a series of coaching sessions, which helps them to further develop their work and introduces them to professionals in the field.

Name of the last laureates:

2015 : Sophie Jung (jury prize), Lara Gasparotto (public prize) 
2014 : Anne Geene (jury prize), Maurice van Es (public prize)
2013 : Ola Lanko

Catalogs by the collection

ING Bank Group, The Netherlands

Launch year:
In 1881 the Netherlands launched the Rijkspostspaarbank, the State savings agency. Over the course of time, this bank was combined with the State payments service, was privatisend in merged with the commercial NMB Bank into NMB Postbank. In 1991 the bank

International presence:
40 countries

Profile of the company:
Banking and financial services.

Annual revenue:
EUR 51.9 billion (2014)

Number of employees: