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Borusan Contemporary, Turkey
James Clar, Blue Mosque, 2009, Ed. 1/1
Chul Huyn Ahn, Vertical Lines #3, Ed. 3/3, 2011
Doug Aitken, Don’t Think Twice, 2006
Sol LeWitt, Distorted Cubes, E. 2001 © 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
François Morellet, Lunatique Neonly – 16 Quarters De Cercle N 6, 2005 © 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich

About the collection

Exhibition public space:

Borusan Contemporary functions as a multi-platform program of exhibitions, events, educational activities, new commissions, and site-specific installations, all rooted in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection.These activities are defined by their specific focus on media arts broadly defined, i.e. artists who work with time, light, technology, video, software and beyond. Most of the program takes place at the Haunted Mansion in Istanbul, and co-exists with the offices of Borusan Holding, in essence creating a unique art center within an office paradigm. The entire building including the galleries, office space, cafe, ArtStore, and outdoor terraces with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus are open to the public on the weekends.

Baltalimani Hisar Street,
Perili Kösk No:5, 34470
Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting Hours : Saturdays & Sundays Only
10.00 am - 7.00 pm


Launch year:

Number of artworks:

Artistic domain:

Works of diverse new media and site-specific installations by distinguished artists known around the world.

Status of collection:

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

Mika Tajima, Ayse Erkmen, Ole Kolehmainen, Axel Hütte, Boomoon, Universal Everything, Erwin Redl, Thierry Dreyfus, Ekrem Yalçindag, Jerry Zeniuk, Marina Zurkow, Jeffrey Blondes, Marco Brambilla, Ali Kazma, Allard van Horn, Daniel Canogar, Carsten Nikolai, Edward Burtynsky


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Borusan Holding, Turkey

Launch year:

International presence:
11 countries

Profile of the company:
A leading Turkish steel, distributorship, logistics and energy company, supporting art & culture.

Annual revenue:
$4.5 billion

Number of employees: