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Mirabaud Collection, Switzerland

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Beyond its wealth and asset management activities, Mirabaud has always been passionately

committed to supporting extraordinary sport or cultural events. Acclaimed for its involvement

in the field of classical music, Mirabaud has offered prestigious concerts in some of the

most beautiful concert halls in the world. Its support to the Société de Lecture de Genève

brings to this prestigious institution the additional means to broaden access to literature

and encourage encounters with some of the greatest contemporary authors.


With the same concern for modernity, Mirabaud has decided to renew its commitment to

culture by constituting a contemporary art collection. Art is not new to Mirabaud, which

notably owns the finest collection of works by Pierre-Louis de La Rive, a Geneva artist

from the 18th century.


By becoming associated with the diffusion of contemporary art, Mirabaud establishes

a link between tradition and modernity, between past, present and future. A position

perfectly tuned to Mirabaud’s capacity for innovation. It is on the basis of the strength of

acquired heritage that it can project itself in the future with such passion.


Contemporary art is the reflection of our time; it witnesses the richness of our era and the

thirst for creation to which we must respond. By offering a window to renowned artists

and younger talents throughout its offices in Switzerland and abroad, Mirabaud offers to

its visitors the possibility to engage with a new multifaceted artistic reality. In the form

of paintings, photographs or sculptures, the Mirabaud Collection bears the signature of

a modern institution, engaged in its time and capable of transforming an ambition into

a reality.


The talent of mankind is nothing without the gaze of the beholder; let's appreciate these

artworks with the fresh eye of our contemporary truth.

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Mirabaud, Switzerland

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Mirabaud has been pursuing a long-term vision since 1819 while fostering a spirit of enterprise and staying true to its roots. This continuity has enabled the group to intensify its activities on its chosen markets and to accelerate its development.

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