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IACCCA activities

IACCCA brings together the curators of corporate art collections in order to reflect on the specificities of individual collections.

Several times a year collection curator will invite IACCCA members to attend a meeting. Held in different cities, these meetings give curators the opportunity to exchange views and share expertise and knowledge.

They also have an opportunity to discuss the future and the responsibilities of corporate collections with a view to developing innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment. 



Since 2007, IACCCA members have taken turns to host the annual meetings at their premises. There are two general meetings per year, each lasting between one and three days. The first meeting takes place in the spring: a General Assembly is followed by a rich cultural programme, combining site visits to other corporate collections and to local artistic venues. The second annual meeting, scheduled for autumn, includes a workshop, a symposium or a conference on a given topic of common interest to all members. During the meeting, IACCCA members share expertise and best practice, both in formal and in informal ways.

Collection visits

National Bank of Belgium, Belfius & Lhoist Collections, Brussels

Deutsche Bank, Berlin
Helvetia, Roche & Novartis Art Collections, Basel

Collection Société Générale, Neuflize OBC, HSBC collection Prix pour la Photographie, Paris
Deutsche Bank Collection, UBS Collection, Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Fidelity International, London

Arendt & Art, Deutsche Bank, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Lhoist Group Collection, Proximus Art Collection, ING Belgium Collection, Brussels
Statoil, Oslo

Pictet & Cie SA, Geneva
Bergé & Cia, CaixaForum, Banco santander, Fundación Mapfe, Madrid

Borusan, SALT, Barut Collection, Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, Saki Sabamci Museum, Istanbul
Deutsche Bank, DZ BANK AG, Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt

Erste Foundation, EVN, Generali Foundation, Verbund, Vienna
Dexia, Brussels
CaixaForum, Bergé & Cia, Fundacion Banco Santander, Fundación ICO, Madrid

Statoil, Simmons and Simmons, London
Nationale Suisse, Basel
CaixaForum, Barcelona
Unicredit, Bologna
Rabo real Estate, Rotterdam

Neuflize Vie, Paris
Lhoist, Belgacom, Brussels
Banco Espirito Santo, EOP, Caixa General de Depositos, Lisbon

DZ BANK AG, Berlin

Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris