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Collection Neuflize OBC, France
Jean-Baptiste Huynh,
Jean-Baptiste Huynh, "Huyen I", 1997, "Huyen II", 1998, "Huyen III", 1999 © Jean-Baptiste Huynh - Photo: André Morin Photographe
Stéphane Couturier,
Stéphane Couturier, "Chandigarh Secrétariat #1", 2007 © Stéphane Couturier - Photo: André Morin
Viviane Sassen,
Viviane Sassen, "Weru Weru", 2010, "Kine", 2011 © Viviane Sassen - Photo: André Morin
Alain Fleischer,
Alain Fleischer,"L’Homme dans les draps", 2003 (vidéo) © Alain Flesicher - Photo: Meyer / Tendance Floue
Philippe Terrier-Hermann,
Philippe Terrier-Hermann, "Intercontinental n°58", 1997-2008 Jean-Christian Bourcart, "Le plus beau jour de la vie n°10 et 13", 1996-98 John Kiyaya, "Les mariés" et "Mère et enfants" Adama Kouyaté, sans titre (Ségou), 1971 © Philippe Terrier-Hermann, Jean-Christian Bourcart, John Kiyaya, Adama Kouyaté - Photo: Meyer / Tendance Floue

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Photography and Video.

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Reward: 8 000€

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2015: Bruno Fert
2014: Iwajla Klinke
2013: Loan Nguyen
2012: Valentine Vermeil
2011: Gilles Saussier
2010: Antonio Caballero
2009: Anne de Vandière
2007: Stéphane Couturier
2006: Jürgen Nefzger
2005: Pentti Sammallahti
2004: Nancy Wilson-Pajic
2003: Kasimir Zgorecki
2002: Alberto Garcia-Alix
2001: Dolorès Marat
2000: Nicole Tran Ba Vang


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Neuflize OBC, France

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The benchmark among private banks with several centuries of history behind it, Banque Neuflize OBC caters to individuals, businesses, foundations and associations, to those with wealth and those who are accumulating wealth. The Bank also endeavours to preserve art heritage, environmental assets and society's.


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More than 1000 people