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International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art

Kunstsammlung Deutsche Bundesbank Kunstsammlung Deutsche Bundesbank Kunstsammlung Deutsche Bundesbank
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Kunstsammlung Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany

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IACCCA brings together the curators of corporate collections from around the world in order to reflect on the specificities of individual collections.

Several times a year, IACCCA members are invited by a curator of one of the collections to attend a meeting in a different city. These meetings give curators the opportunity to exchange views and share expertise and knowledge.

They are also an opportunity to discuss the future and the responsibilities of corporate collections with a view to fostering innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment.

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Heike Maier-Rieper, Curator, Evn

The IACCCA meetings, whether online or digital, are always a fantastic opportunity to learn about best practices from smart colleagues. Professionals share tips and tricks in a relaxed atmosphere and the best part? We’re always surrounded by great artwork! Best business club ever ;-)

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