for the love of art.



Ascertaining the sustainability of companies' commitment to art

Levering the artistic and patrimonial value of their collections

Enforcing visibility, recognition and reputation

Commencing an educational dialogue with stakeholders (staff, clients, general public)

Enhancing the importance of contemporary art in our corporations and society


Establishing Standards of Excellence

IACCCA sets standards for corporate collections in management and collections organisation. It establishes guidelines for professional practice and achievements for corporate collections. By joining ICOM, IACCCA has adopted their Code of Ethics for Museums as a reference and each member is committed to respecting this code.

Developing the professional network

Boasting over forty members members, IACCCA is a unique international and professional network of corporate collection and their curators. IACCCA brings together curators and museum experts to discuss various contemporary art-related themes.

Leading a Global Think Tank

IACCCA's task groups conduct advanced research in fields for the beneficit of the corporate community. These are forums for advanced studies on issues such as Commissionning Art Works, Corporate Collections & Museums, Staff Engagement & Education, Lobbying & Corporate Social Responsability, Legal Issues & Code of Ethics.