for the love of art.


Alexandra Conde, Head of the Photography Collection, Novo Banco

It was a fascinating experience this project as founding member of IACCCA.
We form a global platform that allow us to share innovation, knowledge and experiences among the different corporate art collections around the world.
The IACCCA platform guarantees a cultivating contemporary art at its highest level, which is essential for a modern society.

Jonathan DeLima, Collection Registrar & Curator, The Krause

Less than 6 months into our IACCCA membership, we are already benefitting from the organization’s deep collective knowledge of curatorial best practices and collection management.  The content-rich presentations from global colleagues provide relevant, useful industry perspectives while the organization actively strengthens our connection with other collections worldwide.

Anne Bambynek, Curator, National Bank of Belgium

Thanks to the encounters with curators of corporate collections, organized by IACCCA, our collection had the possibility to create its first joint exhibition with the collection of the Deutsche Bundesbank in 2019. Like the title of the exhibition “Building a Dialogue”, IACCCA has built a network of reliable and precious contacts.

Ghitha Triki, Head of the Art Department, Attijariwafa

What a great adventure since 2006! To me, IACCCA is an ongoing source of artistic inspiration, the opportunity to test our best curatorial and mediation practices, and opportunities to experience exceptional collections from the inside and learn from the passionate people who make them. IACCCA is an essential, inspiring and influential guide to making sense of our craft and our collections.

Sabrina Kamstra, Chief curator, Amsterdam UMC collection

I am happy to be a member of  IACCCA since I was chair of the Dutch sister association VBCN. ?As the art world crosses borders and cultures, the international art scope of IACCCA is indispensable. The exchange on a regular base of best practices, experiences and visits to each other’s collections keeps me up-to-date and sharp.

Patricia Dellorfano, Head of Corporate Art Collection, Fidelity Investments

Joining IACCCA has broadened and strengthened my network of fellow corporate curators across the globe. We exchange valuable information and best practices in collection management, visit incredible behind-the-scenes art venues, and meet with industry experts and leaders to expand our knowledge base. The programs, trips, talks, and symposiums IACCCA organizes are energizing and always a lot of fun.

Heike Maier-Rieper, Curator, Evn

The IACCCA meetings, whether online or digital, are always a fantastic opportunity to learn about best practices from smart colleagues. Professionals share tips and tricks in a relaxed atmosphere and the best part? We’re always surrounded by great artwork! Best business club ever ;-)

Sharon Oldenkotte-Vrolijk, Director Art & Culture, BPD Ontwikkeling BV

Membership of IACCCA is very valuable because of the international perspective regarding relevant topics related to our collection. There is a lot of collegiality among members and I keep good memories of our meetings. The board is professional and ambitious. Interesting joint activities are organized with a strong content focus.

Caroline Stein, Sponsorship Director, Neuflize OBC

IACCCA represents the first network of art collection in the world/Europe, we are so glad to be part of and to share best practices with all these members. Culture and creation are today ferments of inspiration and new paradigms that IACCCA supports and promotes.

Yves Randaxhe, former Curator, National Bank of Belgium

For me, and I think for many of us, there has been two periods in my professional life : the one – and lonesome – without IACCCA, and the latest, much richer, with IACCCA

Max Hollein, Director, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

For me, corporate collections are the most interesting development in collections in our generation.

David Rockefeller, Former Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, 1960.

I believe that creative possibilities presented by beauty in art should inspire us to seek at least equally creative approaches towards achieving a harmonious society.